Tim McDonnell

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nuclear's unclear

Wave goodbye to California’s last nuclear plant

And wave hello to what might become a bigger carbon footprint.

Even if Sanders loses the primary, his fracking policy won California

Clinton and Sanders have been courting the state’s environmentalist vote.

Obama’s latest climate move: Cracking down on methane from fracking

The EPA has just finalized rules that will limit methane pollution for the first time ever.

How much energy could the U.S. get from solar?

There's a limit to the growth of solar, but we're not even close to reaching it.

Sanders and Clinton both want to crack down on fracking. Is that such a good idea?

If we curb natural gas production, that could lead to more coal burning at power plants.

There’s an important ballot fight in Florida between big power companies and the solar industry

A misleading ballot measure backed by utilities could hamper the growth of solar power in one of the sunniest states.

Here’s how major cities measure up on climate change spending

From New York to Addis Ababa, new analysis paints a highly uneven picture of spending on climate action.

4 charts that show electric cars’ bright future

A new report paints a rosy picture for the future of electric vehicles.

methane sticker on pipeline

U.S. methane problem is much worse than we thought

We're dumping an insane amount of methane into the air.