Tim Murphy

Tim Murphy is a reporter at Mother Jones.

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Trump’s campaign chief once ran a major climate research center

Twenty years before campaigning for a climate denier, Stephen Bannon had a different tune.

In West Virginia, even prison can’t keep a notorious coal baron out of politics

Don Blankenship is looming large over the contentious governor's race.

Obama announces Denali name change. Ohio Republicans freak out

The change makes a lot of sense, but Ohio Republicans are condemning the decision.

Why a military general declared war on polluters

Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré is leading a charge against Louisiana's biggest polluters. Is a gubernatorial run next?

Rising seas are swallowing this Republican’s district. Will he do anything about it?

Much of Garret Graves' district may one day be underwater.

GOP candidate asks residents to mail him their pee

If urine Cave Junction, Ore., this congressional candidate would like to hear from you.

Why’s this Tea Party PAC going after a top Tea Partier?

Kansas Republican Tim Huelskamp, a leader of the debt ceiling showdown, takes friendly fire.

Meet the anti-government conspiracy theorist behind GOP environmental policy

By day, Doyel Shamley helps congressional staffers understand natural resource law. By night, he's an Illuminati conspiracy theorist.

Watch this video of Louisiana’s 24-acre sinkhole swallowing a grove of trees

It was known that the sinkhole did things like this, but no one had managed to capture it clearly on camera -- until know.