This Edmonton ice path would be amazing

The proposed "Freezeway" would turn bike paths into lanes for skis, sleds, and skates. Bring it on!

desolation of smog

Terrifying video shows smog taking over the earth

NASA scientists tracked atmospheric currents for a year, and found increased air pollution was linked to stronger storms. Yipes.

Want free public transportation? Here’s what would happen

The main goal of transportation that costs riders nothing — getting people out of their cars — can't be achieved by eliminating fares.

Let them eat weeds

Can urban foraging actually feed poor people?

Urban foraging won't fill you up or provide miraculous cures, and you'll end up with lots of very bitter greens, but it could be the perfect solution for food deserts.


Boycotting the Koch brothers? Better get a new brand of toilet paper

You might be contributing to the Kochs' mountain of money without even knowing it.

Climate & Energy

Bill Nye’s ballsy Super Bowl video tackles Deflategate, climate change

Bill Nye is weighing in on Deflategate again, but this time he has a few props and a message to share about something far more important.

Making dough

Felons, addicts, immigrants: This bakery will hire anyone

A socially conscious Yonkers bakery founded by a Buddhist teacher pioneers a novel "see no evil" approach to human resources -- and it works.


Why a military general declared war on polluters

Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré is leading a charge against Louisiana's biggest polluters. Is a gubernatorial run next?

Business & Technology

Can drones save the world?

We're rapidly approaching the drone saturation point.