Climate & Energy

Bank your money on something other than dirty energy

Are your dollars supporting pipelines or fossil fuel extraction? Clean up those benjamins!

You Missed Something

Trump’s newest funding cuts are a nightmare for national security and public health.

The proposed budget would roll back or eliminate programs that deal with flooding, pandemics, and more.

War on Facts

This is embarrassing, but there might be some climate denial in your school.

Climate science is not controversial, guys.

whack to the future

Arctic sea ice could be a thing of the past by the 2030s

Changes in the region are happening faster than expected.

Meet the fixer: This teenager gives the youngest generation a voice.

Teenagers are often left out of the green conversation. Xiuhtezcatl Martinez gives the youngest generation a voice.

Why we can’t just leave environmental protection to the states

Don’t be fooled by the suggestion that if EPA walks away, everything will still be fine. Here are six reasons why that's wrong.

well, that escalanted quickly

Trump’s latest executive order will review Bears Ears and other national monuments.

Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante, and Mojave Trails are all up for review.

Sashay Away

Coal is giving us blatant hints that it’s on the way out.

Building more coal plants? "That's not going to happen," says the CEO of a West Virginia utility.

Imperfect storms

That ridiculous heatwave really was caused by climate change.

New science adds to the evidence that human activity spurs extreme weather.