Climate & Energy

no more mystery ice, guys

West Antarctic glaciers lost more than 1,000 feet of ice in just 7 years.

Behold: an ice sheet's collapse.

Massive Attack

Did your smart thermostat contribute to last week’s big cyberattack?

Could our energy-saving gadgets go rogue and help take out the internet?

we'll always have paris?

Here’s how Trump plans to scrap that Paris climate deal.

We've been hearing this promise for a while. This is how he'd make it happen.

Bigger isn't always better

Meet the tiny towns taking on climate change

Take some inspiration from the tiny communities around the world who are taking climate change seriously.

Hot air

We fact-checked Donald Trump’s latest comments on renewable energy.

Turns out, they're not all true.

seal of approval

It’s a good day to be a seal, for once.

A recent court ruling is an unprecedented victory for conservationists and Arctic animals everywhere.

Bright lights, big milestones

Half a million solar panels were installed every day in 2015.

And in China, two wind turbines were installed every hour.

A rising tide sinks all homes

Miami’s sea-level troubles aren’t just hitting the rich.

Miami Beach gets all the attention for its increased chronic flooding, but poorer, inland neighborhoods are being hit hard too.

nope to the pope

The pope’s call for climate action backfired in conservative America.

Right-leaning Americans were less concerned about climate change after hearing the pope's message, according to a new survey.