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Duke Energy gets paltry fine for massive coal-ash spill

Two years ago, the company inundated a North Carolina river with toxic sludge. Now the state is levying a fine that amounts to a slap on the wrist.

Climate & Energy

Clinton comes out against Atlantic offshore drilling, angling to win green voters away from Sanders

She needs climate activists more now than ever.


Residents fight for economic and environmental justice in one Illinois town

It’s pretty much impossible to fight for clean air and water without tackling income equality.

Climate & Energy

Supreme Court whacks Obama’s Clean Power Plan

The court put a temporary hold on the EPA climate initiative, and that could be a bad sign for how the justices will rule on the plan down the line.


Guess what? The oceans could completely evaporate into space

Don't worry, NOAA's doomsday scenario is millions of years off -- but it's still scary.


Australia guts climate change research

The nation's premier research organization will shift from science to innovation.

Artists cover mountain with blanket to stop melting

And it may even have worked.


We’re telling outer space all about our biggest Earth mistakes

An Edinburgh nonprofit will beam our messages to the North Star later this year.

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Why are we still losing so much rainforest in Indonesia? A hypothesis

Who's to blame for last year's devastating fires in Indonesia -- big corporations? Small farmers? Or an endangered feudal system?