Q. Dear Umbra,

As a soon-to-be mother, I’m in a bit of a pickle. Since we have a small budget and a smaller apartment, my husband and I purchased a used co-sleeper. It came with a polyurethane foam mattress bearing the telltale tag: It had been treated with fire retardants. 

My choices, as far as I can tell, are to 1) Keep the original mattress and live with the mom-guilt that’s already building. 2) Wrap the mattress in polyethylene. Some research out of New Zealand suggests this might reduce off-gassing. But does this even work? 3) Buy the bassinet manufacturer’s replacement organic mattress. It isn’t leak-proof, so I’d have to also fashion some kind of baby excretion barrier for this non-standard mattress. What should I do? Help a soon-to-be mother get some sleep. Lord knows I’ll need it soon!