The Supreme Court’s marathon on health-care reform means that the pundits are going to be going all health care, all the time this week. And if reports from the court’s arguments this morning are to be trusted, and the Supremes toss Obama’s health program out the window, then we’re going to be talking about this all year.

But before the legal weeds engulf us, it’s worth stepping back to recall the wider issues at stake.

Faced with the programs and rules that make up a moderate, private-enterprise-friendly health-care reform program like Obamacare, the Red State id is throwing an individualist tantrum. Like the Tea Partiers shouting “Hands off my Medicare” to the government that runs the program, today’s conservatives are deeply confused, and they are flailing in every direction at once. Mandates are unconstitutional! Save Medicare by ending it! Down with the death panels! Beware bureaucrats bearing broccoli!