Imagine 2200, Grist’s climate fiction initiative, invites readers and writers to envision equitable climate progress in futures near and far. 

In this audiobook collection, immerse yourself in readings of some of our favorite tales we’ve published so far. They tell of finding climate solutions in one’s heritage, the connections between species facing extinction, and finding ways to survive through the power of community.

Listen to these seven vivid, hope-filled audio stories below, or as a playlist on Soundcloud. [Want more climate fiction? Sign up to receive email updates when we publish new stories.]

Amelia Bates


By Lindsay Brodeck

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As the wealthy flee Earth, a young woman must decide whether to follow her partner to a new world or stay behind to save a dying planet. [Read this story]

Illustration with vibrant colors depicting images of a human, a Greenland shark, a doe, and an eagle, connected by water
Amelia Bates

The Secrets of the Last Greenland Shark

By Mike McClelland

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The last four creatures on Earth make an amazing discovery as the oldest of them finally returns home. [Read this story]

Grace Abe

The Cloud Weaver’s Song

By Saul Tanpepper

In a city high above the desert, a dew harvester and her friend sacrifice everything to prove the end of the Great Drying is at hand. [Read this story]

Illustration of a young South Asian man holding an antique brass horn that once was mounted on a ship. He stands against a vibrant backdrop of swirling colors.
Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor

Sweet Water From Salt

By Jeremy Pak Nelson

A grieving son protects his family’s beehives as he steers them home aboard his parents’ ship. [Read this story]

Amelia Bates

The Metamorphosis of Marie Martin

By Nadine Tomlinson

A Jamaican woman takes more than she gives, until the sea teaches her a valuable lesson with implications for everyone around her. [Read this story]

A vibrant illustration depicts a woman crying, with her head in her hands, surrounded by blue flowers and tree branches
Carolina Rodríguez Fuenmayor

And Now the Shade

By Rich Larson

A bioengineer grappling with a challenging problem finds the answer in the dreams of her dying grandmother. [Read this story]

Illustration of three people working in a tea field
Carolina Rodríguez Fuenmayor

Seven Sisters

By Susan Kaye Quinn

As hard times and broken bots threaten a collective tea farm, the women keeping it going must decide whether to add another to their ranks. [Read this story]

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