Pamela Anderson

Photo: Jeff Vespa/

Hot couture
Though she’s better known for her lack of clothing, washed-up Baywatch babe Pammy Anderson has partnered with Heatherette-half Ritchie Rich to create a line of ecofriendly garb — complete with swimsuits that stay-put during your slo-mo beach runs.

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Pants to Poverty model

Rants in their pants
The lovely folks at Pants to Poverty (that’s undies to you yanks) want to make pants, not war. They’re pretty sure there’s some narsty stuff in your under-things, so they’ve made organic, fair-trade alternatives that are “beautiful from grain to groin.” Sigh … we have to agree.









Twilight book cover with ipod

Photo: jin.thai via Flickr

Oh, positive
Human blood: not just for powering vampires anymore.










Barack my world
We’re with you, Obama Girl, energy wasters are just wasting their time with us. CFL ya later, SUV drivers … and hel-lo hybriders. Can we get in on that dual low-flow action?

Foul shot
Choosing to be environmental optimists, the folks behind NBA Green Week 2009 are celebrating the purchase of green (colored!) uniforms and socks that are half full of organic cotton. Go team!

NBA basketball stadium

Photo: Adam Pieniazek via Flickr