It’s Earth Day once again, and we are delighted to present the Fourth-Ever List of Grist Superlatives — our take on the good, the bad, and the weird of the past year. Think we missed something? Add your cleverest contributions in comments below. (And check out our lists for 2008, 2007, and 2006.)


T. Boone Pickens.T. has a Boone to Pickens with you.Strangest business-tycoon-turned-wind-activist: T. Boone Pickens

Sootiest sponsorship of the Democratic National Convention: clean coal campaign

Unfortunatest phrase to come from the Republican National Convention: “Drill, Baby, Drill”

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Tiredest phrase from PR lexicon: “_______ is going green”

Most overused, overhyped, and misunderstood term: green jobs

Nation’s expertest hockey mom on energy policy
: Sarah Palin

Worst re-use of something delicious: Chocolate-powered coal

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clean coal carolers.Clean Coal Carolers.Smarmiest corruption of Christmas carols to push an agenda: Clean Coal Carolers

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Best environmental ballot success in California’s 2008 elections: Prop. 2, animal welfare

Second best environmental ballot success in California’s 2008 elections: Prop 1A, high-speed rail

Goodest riddance: Richard “Dick” Cheney

Second-goodest riddance: George W. Bush

Grossest PETA campaign most likely to drive people away from vegetarianism: George Clooney-flavored tofu

Sketchiest PETA campaign most likely to drive people away from vegetarianism
: Test-tube shmeat

Stephen Johnson.Leavin’ Stephen.A Johnson we hope never to see again: Stephen

Freakiest heavy metal in our Froot Loops
: mercury

Royalest climate champion: Prince Charles

Hottest eco-activist in the White House: Van Jones

Trivialest issue Ask Umbra addressed: Earth Day slogans

First president to take climate change seriously
: Barack Obama

Grist’s favoritest eco-product to test: organic booze! (beer part 1, 2, and 3, champagne, and wine)

Grist’s awkwardest but usefulest eco-product to test
: feminine products

(Relatedly) Grist’s most awesomest headline ever: Red Vadge of Courage

Most meaningless green superlative: most fuel efficient SUV

Sarah Palin.Just a hockey mom …Photo: Tricia Ward.
Hockey mom most hung up on natural gas: Sarah Palin

Dopest April Fool’s day joke: organic weed

Awesomest surprise benefit of eating locally: getting laid

Biggest presidential campaign stunt that’s hard to talk about without snickering: McCain’s $300 million battery prize

Overwhelmingest air-pollution-induced media frenzy
: Beijing Olympics

Inspiredest use of body heat for cogeneration
: to warm the pool at the Beijing Olympics

Lamest climate bill to not pass Congress: Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act

Hockey mom least hung up on greenhouse gases: Sarah Palin, you betcha!

Hottest MILF: Mother Earth

Coen Brothers' clean coal ad.Coen Brothers’ anti-clean coal ad. Click to watch.Best recent use of Coen Brothers’ time: anti-clean coal ad

Anti-climacticest coal protest: Capitol Power Plant

Political fight most reminiscent of Groundhog Day: Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ fourth veto of a coal-fired power plant

Winner of the James Inhofe award for an outstanding contribution to the promotion of climate change skepticism
: George Will

Runner-up: Michael Steele

Scariest climate change impact you haven’t read about: ocean acidification

Most exciting advance in bus technology: EcoRide BE35

Cutest 10-year-old in the blogosphere: Let’s hear a chorus of happy birthday

Shiniest, punniest, brand-spanking-newest, clickalicious-est green website: aw, shucks
Man Junk.Don’t forget the man junk …
Manliest organic body product on the market: Man Junk

Biggest potential waste of stimulus dollars: $3.4 billion for clean coal

Hockey mom who didn’test make it to the White House (whew): There you go again, Sal

Most geniustastic farmer: Will Allen

Hottest under-the-radar political battle: school lunches

Most futuristic tricycle-car in production this year: Aptera 2e

Exhilaratingest feeling we haven’t felt in a long time, like since Al Gore won ran for the presidency: Hope.