New Zealand’s Penguathalon will see beak-to-beak battles in five events: soccer, Frisbee, surfing, swing ball, and waddle races. But sports analysts are saying the competition won’t really heat up until the penguathletes face climate change. After that, it could be bye, bye birdie.

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Eco-couple in loveIt’s not easy dating green
At last, a green-friendly dating site for everyone — whether you’re into earth dating, eco-friendly dating, conscious dating, eco-conscious dating, or conscious single dating. And if you can tell us what the hell any of these mean, we should, you know, maybe get coffee or something sometime.

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Yellowstone hot springsPhoto: jimbowen0306 via FlickrUrine trouble
We’re all for answering nature’s call in, uh, nature; but if you’re in Yellowstone, letting it mellow(stone) probably isn’t the best idea. Especially if you’re being watched.









lasagnaPhoto: Nemo’s great uncle via FlickrExcuse me, Representative, could you pass the …
Oh, if only solving the world’s problems were as easy as chugging red wine and big-box brand pasta.






Ghent veggie day adAttention ladies and Ghents
The Belgian city of Ghent will be the first in the world to go meat-free one day a week in an effort to cut the city’s carbon footprint, battle obesity, and say “veggiedag” as many times as possible. Thankfully, Belgian waffles are unaffected by the eating edict.