This week’s poem features dubious meter and indubitable passion. Fritter some time away by checking out a few previous climate poems.

All eyes are on Waxman-Markey this week.
From the orbs of Obama
To the peepers of the meek.

surpriseI’m just beside myself!Will it pass, is it lame, should we love it anyway?
Did the Ag folks make it worse?
Were they just making hay?

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So many questions on a solitary bill.
So many arguments
Echo from the Hill.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

While ACES seems to freeze us all, the world’s still turning.
Hopers have to Cope.
Coal keeps burning.

Gordon wants to start a fund, in dollars or in pounds.
And Big Oil’s glad that Florida’s
No longer out of bounds.

This climate chaos really is a lot to endure.
So c’mon, hon, let’s ditch it
For a world wind tour!

Ahem, P.S.:

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

If you want a climate path that looks a little clearer,
Take your cue from pop’s late king
And start in the mirror.