Celebs and movies and magazines and TV go green

Paris Hilton.

Everyone who’s anyone made a show of going green during the ‘00s — sometimes literally. Cameron Diaz had her Trippin’ series on MTV, kicking off a trend later embraced by stars like Brad Pitt and Adrian Grenier. Leonardo DiCaprio whipped up both a TV show and a documentary, the Discovery Channel launched Planet Green TV, and NBC declared that “Green Is Universal.” Countless other celebs “went green” in their own little (sometimes very little) ways. The media jumped all over this trend, with Julia Roberts and George Clooney joining I heart the '00sAl Gore and RFK Jr. on the cover of Vanity Fair‘s first green issue in 2006. Then other glossy mags like Glamour, Outside, and Sports Illustrated hopped on the green-issue bandwagon. Elsewhere in pop culture, The Day After Tomorrow turned climate chaos into a big-screen blockbuster. Musicians from Madonna to Miley crooned about the climate, and Live Earth made a spectacle of eco-music. Fashion, design, TV, art–they all embraced the environment. But when Paris Hilton sported a “think green” T-shirt, this cause celeb officially became a cause parodique.