• France (7) vs. England (14)

Winner: France

Analysis: England‘s air pollution is worse than Wayne Rooney’s attitude; thus, a stronger French team pulled this one out.

  • New Zealand (15) vs. Chile (16)

Winner: New Zealand

Analysis: New Zealand squeaked past Chile. This South American team can come back stronger in 2014 with a reduction in emissions of nitrogen oxides and an improvement to marine protection, important for a country that’s practically all coast.

  • Mexico (43) vs. Germany (17)

Winner: Germany

Analysis: Germany ended Mexico’s dream run at the Green Cup. This year’s Cinderella team hit a wall because of poor ecosystem protection, ozone, and a high water stress level.

  • Slovakia (13) vs. Switzerland (2)

Winner: Switzerland

Analysis: Once again Switzerland advanced comfortably, defeating a Slovakian team struggling with CO2 emissions.