Using meat as “buns.” Adding an extra sandwich — or two. Making anything a “footlong.”

What results from these tricks of the fast food world aren’t examples of food; they’re freak gimmicks of a cheap’n’easy system of calorie production. But that doesn’t stop hoards of people from gobbling them up with glee and extra “special sauce” dribbling down their chins.

Chain restaurants usually offer their Frankenfood inventions for “a limited time only,” but the effects on people’s health and on the health of the planet stick around for a lot longer. Feast your eyes on some of the most recent food bastards and let us know in the comments area below what creations we might have missed.

Double downDouble down: they don’t tell you it’s short for doubled over and downing Pepto Bismol.

KFC Double Down

In the run-up to its much-rumored release, the Double Down was hailed with the words: “It’s real.” While this legendary, lard-laden fast food creation needs no explaining, we still feel a little upchuck coming on every time we run across it.

Some cheeky vegans got a hold of the Double Down and turned it into an animal-free meal with a much more apt tagline: “It’s fake.”