Chocolate outfit.Chocolate fashion show in New York. Photo: BoshLately at Grist, we’ve had fashion on our minds (but never on our bodies; for some reason hemp pants still haven’t caught on). Lady Gaga recently raised a ruckus with the meat dress she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards. And last week, we polar-fleeced-Seattleites warily watched Fashion Week take New York by storm.

So in honor of comestible couture and fashion in general, we’ve compiled some of the more delectable rags you can sport from the kitchen table to the catwalk. Photographer Ted Sabarese was generous enough to lend us incredible shots from his “Hunger Pains” project. He was inspired by the relationship between people and the food they eat. And of course, here at Grist, we are too. So check out this wacky wear and tips on how to tear your teeth into fashion.

Nutella DeVille: While you don’t want this outfit to melt on your body, you definitely don’t want it melting the planet either. Before you start sewing together your chocolate nibs, check out which varieties are best for the planet. Fortunately, our pal Ask Umbra has compiled a handy overview to help you figure out how to purchase ecologically and humanitarianly correct cocoa.