windmade logoComing to a breakfast cereal box near you? Windmade’s new logo.

By December of this year, the next box of Legos you buy could be stamped “made with 100% Wind Power.” Subsequently, countless other goods you buy could bear the Windmade stamp, which — like Fair Trade, Organic, Recycled, etc. — is competing to become one more differentiator for goods made with sustainability in mind. This video explains it all in tones more sonorous than I could ever hope to:

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Windmade could push more companies to use wind power, as well as allowing the ones that do to tout their green cred. Its backers say that while Windmade is the first label to specify a product was made with a particular renewable energy, they hope it won’t be the last. Logically, that means we’re looking at a future in which products are also Sunmade, Geothermalmade and, what, Hydrofantastic?

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Personally, we here at Grist are waiting for products labeled with the cheapest source of energy out there — plain ol’ efficiency, aka Made With Negawatts.