My fellow Americans — my fellow humans! Our planet is in deep, deep trouble. And it needs you to do your patriotic duty fighting climate change.

Green Patriot Posters is a project dedicated to getting out that message — by inspiring the modern equivalent of the iconic “Rosie the Riveter” poster from World War II.

They’ve got a great new book out edited by Dmitri Siegel and Edward Morris, featuring the coolest and most rousing images that have come out of the project so far — some by established artists like Shepard Fairey and DJ Spooky, some by emerging artists and students.

Take a look at 10 very inspiring examples and read what some of the artists were thinking when they created them.

And remember: Ask not what your planet can do for you. Ask what you can do for your planet!

Ryan Dumas — “Eat Local”


“I tried to take a lighter approach and focus on a specific action. Eating locally grown produce is not only good for the environment; it also helps build communities … and is quite tasty!” –R.D.