I published an op-ed in the Denver Post today about climate change’s first casualty, which might be joy. The article isn’t terrible, really, and it’s posted here: http://www.denverpost.com/opinion/ci_18201745 if  you care to read it.  But I urge you to look in particular at the comment section, where every single one of the 59 or so comments is from a denier, and most of them call me a fool and an idiot. In fact, most of the stuff I write for mainstream publications garners the same response. (Making a strong case for the argument that I am a fool and an idiot, but not so much making a case that climate change isn’t an issue.)  The stridency and pervasiveness of the denier community is not news to anyone, but it’s further evidence that the climate battle is going to be won on lost in the court of public opinion, and right  now we are being overrun.