CPS, the municipal utility in San Antonio, Texas, is making a strong play for favorite utility of the year. The utility has a 14 MW plant up and running, contracts for another 3 plants of 10 MW each, and an an oversubscribed standard offer contract program for another 10 MW.  All pleasant experiences to date…so much so that earlier in the year, the utility went out to market with a request for offers for 50 MW of solar power.

Here’s where it gets good. The utility was “floored” by the low prices they saw…and so upped their order to 400 MW of solar.

It’s not just the cost that they like. It’s also the economic development. Check out this NPR ‘Talk of the Nation’ segment with the mayor talking about investing in the new energy economy. This is what we’ve been working for–cheap solar means big solar.

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