The Yellowstone River spill could have included heavier, more corrosive tar-sands oil, federal officials said. This type of oil eats through pipes more quickly, and if ExxonMobiil was using those pipes to transport tar-sands oil, that decision could have contributed to the spill.

Carmageddon = over. And it turns out that, given the choice to avoid the freeway by plane or bike, it’s faster to bike.

It's not the best idea to buy meat from Japan right now. Just saying.

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Your fish oil tablets are destroying marine ecosystems.

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Now China is starting a carbon emissions trading program. Hey, that was our idea!! We were totally going to get around to it eventually!

BP thinks it's paying businesses damaged in last year's Gulf oil spill too much money in compensation for their losses. Businesses damaged in last year’s Gulf oil spill think BP can choke on it.

We know you're attractive, Posh & Becks, but could ya stop reproducing already?

Oops — probably should have checked out this new guide about the carbon footprint of different meats before I ordered lamb for dinner last night.

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