Exciting news for those whose entire house is populated by IKEA furniture (we know you're out there): the Swedish furniture company is going to be building an entire neighborhood in London. We know. It'll be like living in the IKEA store! With a Swedish meatball shop on every corner and 24/7 access to lingonberry jam. (There will also be a floating cocktail bar. That’s not an obscure IKEA store joke. There will just be a floating cocktail bar.)

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IKEA is planning some smart features for the 26-acre, 1,200-home neighborhood. It'll be mixed-use and feature underground parking. The company also says it will focus on walkability, which we hope means easy access to stores and other resources, as opposed to meandering paths that take the longest possible route between two points with shortcuts hidden between mod desk chairs and miniature castle tents.

You will have to build your own house with an Allen wrench using cartoon instructions, but no town is perfect, right?

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