To say this has been an astonishing year would be, well … the biggest understatement of the decade. 2016 has taken us places we never thought we’d go — some good, and some like the inside of an Access Hollywood bus with Billy Bush.

The good: With a world spinning out of control, this independent nonprofit news shop I founded 17 years ago had itself a landmark year. Our award-winning work was cited by presidential candidates, discussed in the halls of the White House, and reached an astounding monthly audience of 2.5 million — all thanks to your support.

The Billy Bush: That White House? It gets a new tenant in January, and make no mistake about it: He’s setting out to undo the tremendous progress we’ve made in the climate fight over the past 17 years.

But there is hope.

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Advancements in energy and technology have the potential to make fossil fuels extinct faster than you can say “hyperloop.” On the ground, the environmental justice movement grows stronger every day. Hell, even plant burgers that bleed are no longer impossible!

Look, I’m about to get all earnest on you, but this has never been truer:

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Now, more than ever, the world needs Grist to shine our beacon even brighter on the path to a sustainable, just future. And we need your help to do so. For real.

The fate of that future is hanging in the balance. We need you to help us secure it.

Whether or not you’re able to make a gift, I’m grateful to you and the rest of our amazing Grist community. With the passion, ideas, and stick-to-itiveness of readers like you, I know we can find our way to a future that doesn’t suck.


Chip Giller
Grist Founder

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