Have you ever looked at your desk and said to yourself, yeah, this computer and coffee mug and picture of my kids is great, but you know what would really complete it for me? If I could throw them all away in a tiny replica of a dumpster. Well, this is the moment to develop this desire so that it can almost immediately be fulfilled, because this item exists. It exists and you can feel green about it, because it’s made out of 25-35 percent recycled steel. Each dumpster is designed by Seattle-based artist Ryan Christensen, and each one is handmade, and hand-painted with graffiti. What else can we tell you about these things? There’s a line in their promotional materials that says “when you get a chance to pick one up you will be impressed with its mass” (they weigh nine pounds). I’m sorry, but I just don’t think the makers of tiny dumpsters know how I’m going to feel when I pick one of these up. I think whatever feelings this moment evokes are going to be between me and the tiny dumpster.