A comment left on Sam Smith’s Progressive Review discussion of cell phone bans on commercial airline flights:

I don’t give a wet slap why the FAA continues to ban cell phone use on airplanes so long as the keep doing it. People who use their cell phones in public places are loud and obnoxious, and on an airplane there’s nowhere for anybody else to go. I can always move to the next car on BART, or get off the bus and walk, but for eight hours across the Atlantic trapped in a metal tube with five hundred strangers …

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So, in other words, it’s perfectly OK for an individual to engage in one of the most climate-destructive practices possible — often for the most frivolous of reasons — thus helping condemn millions to increased misery and suffering … but heaven forbid that those individuals have their flights made unpleasant by people exactly like them (cell phone-using commercial airline passengers).

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