Send Grist cool posters!

The Grist office walls are looking sadly barren these days (with the exception of a certain unnamed but smitten editor’s life-size Barack Obama poster), and we’re so darn busy bringing you the best green news on the world wide interweb that we don’t have time to hunt down handsome wall decor. So, dear readers, we come to you with this plea: If you work for an environmental group or eco-minded company with a way-cool poster, send us one. It just might get a place of honor in our hallowed halls. Our only requirements: Nothing too political (we’re a 501(c)(3), yo), nothing involving treacly inspirational homilies, and, really, go easy on the soft-focus portraits of charismatic megafauna. Send to Grist Magazine, 811 First Ave., Suite 466, Seattle, WA 98104. We love you, 4 true and 4-eva!