Here in Seattle we have an alternative weekly called The Stranger, with a clever feature called I, Anonymous, wherein some unnamed someone lambastes some unnamed someone else over … something. Viciously. It’s short and amusing.

Anyway, the paper’s online forums have an I, Anonymous message board. This was posted there today (tucked away beneath the fold, for those offended by foul language, of which there is much):

your fucking ELF informant motherfucker. you deserve to have the shit beat out of you, you cowardly phony-ass cry baby. here are a bunch of individuals with the courage to try to go against the capitalistic, anti-environmental bullshit that’s been waging war on this country, more shamefully during the past 6 years of our current administration, and you chose to be a fucking baby nark. it is so depressing hearing about all of these people being nailed recently by the FBI on account of your traitor ass. these people have had the nerve to go to war against the establishment on behalf of the wildlife its been screwing over since the dawn of humans and you rat them out. i hope you enjoyed selling your soul in exchange for imprisonment of these noble activists. you fucking judas, i hope your guilty concience plagues you forever.

Go check out the responses, from The Stranger‘s notoriously liberal readership. Instructive.

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Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.