I missed this last week, but apparently Virginia has followed Oregon in nixing some strong limitations on development. Times are tough for the Slow (read: sane) Growth crowd.

(via Pat Burns)

Update [2005-3-7 11:16:15 by Dave Roberts]: And more from Jon Christensen, who also points to a Joel Kotkin article in Architecture Magazine arguing that urban planners need to get over their aversion to suburbs and start helping them become more livable, because like it or not, suburbs are the future. Ugh.

Update [2005-3-7 11:32:30 by Dave Roberts]: I suppose I should add, for those of you too lazy to click on the link (surely not!), that the VA thing was a court decision, not a referendum like OR’s, and the VA thing was a county issue, not a state thing like OR’s. The two are united only by the fact that they will result in the rampant loss of green space. Oh, and by sucking. FYI.

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