In America, when restaurants brag about how eco-friendly they are, it’s usually because they’ve switched to compostable takeout containers and serve their own house-fizzified tap water instead of bottled. But to U.K. chef/restaurateur Arthur Potts Dawson, that kind of stuff is just the babiest of baby steps.

As Dawson explains in this inspiring TED talk, his London restaurants Acorn House and Water House compost their green waste, feed it to worms, and use it in their own food-growing gardens, which drink from pebble-filtered restaurant water. And that’s just the beginning. The two restaurants are part of a planned zero-carbon quintet, but Dawson is currently distracted by his newest baby, a no-waste grocery cooperative called the People’s Supermarket, which aims to make good, fresh food affordable for families and low-income shoppers.

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