In an interview yesterday, Al Gore scoffed at her:

“The north polar ice cap has been there for 3 million years, the size of the continental United States, and it is disappearing before our very eyes. What do the skeptics think is causing that? Could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that we are putting 90 million tons of global warming pollution into the atmosphere here every 24 hours and that these consequences have been predicted for decades by the scientists?”

Gore chuckled, then added, “It is not sun spots.”

“This is physics, it is not politics. Gravity is well understood. The fact that the earth is round is pretty well accepted now. The moon landing was not, as some claimed, staged on a movie lot. If there was a large budget from carbon polluters designed to promote controversy about those findings, I am sure we would have a debate about it. The fact that carbon dioxide is trapped in the atmosphere is not complicated. Not controversial. Not in dispute. And we are putting so much of it up there every day, that the heat buildup is proceeding as the scientists warned it would. There are lot of reasons why some people don’t want to accept that. It is, to coin a phrase, an inconvenient truth for many, but it is a reality that we have to accept and respond to.”

To which Palin tweeted:

 “amazing 2 see Al Gore’s denial of the controversy–it’s like denying gravity”

One has to almost admire the audacity of her misleading. Gore did mention controversy, denial, gravity; so why not claim that he is denying the controversy as if he were denying gravity?