Fog and rain are as much a part of London as bobbies and Buckingham Palace — but global warming will change all that over the next half-century, according to a newly released report on the anticipated impacts of climate change on the U.K. capital. The London of the future will likely be sunnier, but don’t book your vacation just yet: It could be subject to serious regular flooding, worsening air pollution, and blistering temperatures, according to the report, which was commissioned by the Greater London Authority. As the weather heats up, demand for water will probably soar, parks and gardens are expected to suffer, and train transport may also run into difficulties as rails could buckle during heat waves. Summer temperatures may match those of New York City today, prompting nearly everyone to install air conditioning. In the winter, rainfall could be heavier and last longer and sea levels may rise, causing flooding. The report notes that the rich might profit by creating a lucrative market to manage the financial risk of climate change, but, as with everywhere else in the world, London’s poor will likely be the least able to adapt to changing weather patterns and will suffer the most.