Walking into the office this morning, I saw this headline in bold letters on the front of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: “Scientists fear ‘tipping point’ in Pacific Ocean.”

Then, a news search told me this: “As vast as the oceans are, almost no waters remain untouched by human activities.”

It’s enough to make me wanna strangle myself with me old eyepatch…

But then, I turned to my favorite celeb goss site, as I often do in these times of turmoil, and I found this:

Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson followed in the footsteps of French actress Brigitte Bardot on Thursday by campaigning in Paris for the protection of baby seals.

Anderson was to perform a burlesque striptease later at the Crazy Horse cabaret to the tune of ‘Harley Davidson’, a song written by Serge Gainsbourg and sung by Bardot in the late 60s.

Anderson said she would deliver a letter from Bardot to the Canadian ambassador to France urging him to stop seal hunting around the Arctic.

That’s right, saving the seals and stripping on stage … all in a day’s work. I friggin’ love Hollywood.