Do you like movies, but are dissatisfied with the selection from the likes of Blockbuster and Netflix? Then perhaps Ironweed might interest you:

Ironweed is more than a monthly film club…

…it’s a growing movement of people like you championing independent filmmakers who tell engaging, important, human stories.

Extraordinary films are produced each year that never get beyond film festivals in coastal cities and high mountain ski resorts. With you as our partner, Ironweed scours the festival scene and brings the best new films to your home each month. As a subscriber, your membership fees help support filmmakers and our non-profit partners.

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Act Now Productions, which was founded by Adam Werbach and has been producing and distributing socially-conscious media since 1997, is the organization behind Ironweed.

The first DVD should be available sometime in November and will include a documentary about immigrants traveling from Nicaragua to America and two video shorts (one on NYC watering holes and the other on Iraqis and the future of their country).

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

Coming soon to Ironweed, and what might be particularly of interest to enviros, is Power Trip, “the tragicomic film that follows an American company that buys the energy system in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia and then sends two bungling Americans to make the Georgians pay for power.” You can watch the trailer for Power Trip here.