A friend sent this email — her review of An Inconvenient Truth — at 1:18 AM last night.

Dearest Friends,

Tonight I watched Al Gore’s new documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, and I was so tremendously moved by it, that I was compelled to write to you all.

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As a bleeding heart liberal/ lifelong environmentalist, going into this movie I thought, "This will be interesting, but I’ve probably seen and heard much of it before." In fact, I even thought, hey, if I don’t catch this one, it won’t be missing much. No biggie.

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I was completely blown away by this film. It was by far the most effective, impactful presentation of the global warming case that I have ever heard or seen (and I’ve seen A LOT). It presented new evidence and insight into how severe the consequences of this matter will be if we do nothing. It described the science of climate change in a way that virtually anyone could understand.

This is way bigger than anything we ever imagined. It’s GLOBAL. It affects every single one of us on the planet, and in turn, each of us is responsible for our ultimate fate. As Al Gore says in the film, this is not an environmental dilemma, it is a moral dilemma. Do we continue to do things that exacerbate this problem, or do we make a change now, in the hopes of halting any further catastrophes? For humanity’s sake, can we possibly afford NOT to any longer?

This is hands-down a must-see for anyone and everyone. If you care about humanity, you must see it. If you care about the continuation of our civilization as we know it, you must see it. If you care about the kind of world you and your children will be living in, you must see it. If you have a conscience, you must see this film.

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Forgive me if this comes off as some hippy-dippy rant to some of you, but I left the theater tonight compelled to take action and share with you all the importance of this message that came through this powerful film. I am convinced that each of you will feel the very same after watching it, which I hope you do.

Don’t wait. Go see it tonight. Visit www.climatecrisis.net for locations of showings and lots of great information on the issue.