Planning to buy some tissues for your February sniffles? Be forewarned: Menacing notes have been found in Kleenex boxes across the U.S. and Canada. “Wiping away ancient forests,” says a leaflet found by a reporter in a New York drugstore. “Here’s a little secret that Kimberly-Clark, the largest tissue maker in the world and parent company of Kleenex, does not want you to know.” Kimberly-Clark has long been under fire from Greenpeace for logging Canadian boreal forests and eschewing recycled fibers; while the leaflets purport to come from Greenpeace, a spokesperson says the stunt is not an official Greenpeace gag. So the perpetrator remains a mystery, as does the when, where, and how of Kleenex infiltration. Says a Kimberly-Clark spokesperson, “For the life of me, I guess I’m struggling to figure out how anything … will get inside a Kleenex box.”