There are combinations that are just too weird: chocolate cake and grape juice (to steal from an old Dick Van Dyke show), or hearing the Rolling Stones’ music used to market chastity belts and abstinence pledges. Or like seeing the Worldwatch Institute’s name on a book praising biofuels … the very fuels Les Brown, WWI’s founder, is crusading against.

The gist of the book seems to be, “We need a completely different kind of biofuels than we have or are likely to ever see, but if that better, fairer system came along, it might be good for the poor.” In other words, the Les-Brown-less WWI is now providing cover for people who don’t give two burps about the poor, but sho’ do love them some subsidies. And for people who will be throwing this book around the way Bush threw around Colin Powell’s notorious UN speech on Saddam’s “weapons of mass destruction.”