Hello from the heart of Grist. See this awesome hat I have? America needs this hat right now, America needs Grist right now, more than ever.

This hat could be yours. For a limited time, any gift over $50 (or any monthly donation of $10) gets you into this shiny new “Make America Green Again” hat.

By supporting Grist and sporting your new headgear, you’re saying:

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I’m hoping you’ll be one of 2,000 individuals to help strengthen our message during our spring fundraising drive from today, May 24, through June 7 (and get new hats). Give what you can, even $5 makes a difference.

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Whether you give or not, thank you for being a Grist reader. You are helping to make a greener world by sharing in our journey. — Grist Founder & CEO, Chip Giller

I want America green again

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.