Despite the rising popularity and star-studded endorsements of vaping cannabis — Miley Cyrus does it, Sarah Silverman does it, Abbi and Ilana do it a lot — vaping pot is about as cool as an Amazon engineer riding a Solowheel. With a Bluetooth.

Smoking pot may not exactly be good for the planet, but vaping is even worse: You can smoke pot out of an apple and then eat the thing if you want to, but vaping requires expensive tools made up of metal and plastic that can’t be recycled.

Now, a new company promises to make things even worse.

CannaKorp, a Massachusetts company, is introducing single-serving vape pods to the marketplace in an effort to become the Keurig of the cannabis industry.

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“The company’s sleek, white-plastic vaporizer heats marijuana just enough to release the active compounds while stopping short of actually burning the plant,” reports Curt Woodward with the Boston Globe. “Users breathe in the vapors released through a canister, and the marijuana comes in small, single-use ‘pods’ that are independently filled by legally authorized growers.”


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While single-use coffee pods, otherwise known as K-Cups, may sound great to people who like to buy shit, they are shockingly wasteful. The amount of trash they generate could wrap around the planet 11 times each year, which is truly horrifying.

This new business concept, however, should come as no surprise: CannaKorp chairman Dave Manly is a former vice president at Keurig Green Mountain Inc., and he retired not long before the company was sold for nearly $14 billion.

“Keurig has standards for what coffee went into their K-Cups,” Manly told Business Insider. “It was very consistent from cup-to-cup, so every time you had a K-Cup from a Keurig machine, it tasted the same.”

It also tasted like dirt, but that’s not the point. The point is this: The only things that should be single use on this planet are toilet paper, syringes, and condoms. Not coffee pods, not tea pods, and certainly, God forbid, not pot pods.