Last night the Maryland legislature passed a world-class solar program — 1,400 MW of solar on rooftops over the next 15 years, putting Maryland in the upper echelon of solar-supporting states. Kudos, congrats, and thanks to the Maryland advocates that made this happen.

That this passed is a good thing. But how it passed is a lesson that bears wider dissemination.

After the bill passed out of both the House and Senate by commanding majorities (Senate 30-17, and House 128-7) a small cabal of Senators took it upon themselves to do whatever it took to kill it — including parliamentary maneuvers to delay action until the session ended.

Ahh, democracy.

So over the weekend, Maryland citizens sent hundreds of emails, and phone calls lit up the switchboards Monday morning — all demanding that the Maryland Senate stand firm and not allow last-minute shenanigans to kill the solar bill. And when State Senator EJ Pipkin stood up Monday night to filibuster … his cabal had evaporated.

Ahh, democracy.

The lesson here is that people want to see solar happen, and when that popular desire is harnessed effectively … well, we win. The will of the people cannot be forever denied.