Well, I’m off to the Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival soon for a weekend bonanza of green films. I don’t have much time to write, so here’s another weekly recap:

On Saturday I wrote about the speech that Edward R. Murrow gave at the 1958 Radio-Television News Directors Association & Foundation Convention in Chicago. I posited the following: Can we use the medium of television, which some seem to despise, for good? It’s not too late to spend your two cents.

And it is nice to see that the 60 Minutes news team is still carrying the torch. As Dave reported, NASA climatologist James Hansen appeared on the show to talk about global warming and the Bush administration’s attempts to suppress climate-change science. Also from 60 Minutes: Montana’s Coal Cowboy, A Global Warning, The Oil Sands Of Alberta, and Andy’s Solution To Overpopulation.

Yesterday, Emily Gertz posted about the new global warming PSA campaign from the Ad Council and Environmental Defense. In response, Dave asks: What would your global warming ad look like?

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Over at Grist proper, Ken Eisen writes about Hollywood’s downtrodden eco-chicks, and how they’ve changed, as part of our Poverty & the Environment series.

Hope to see some of you at the festival!

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