If you happen to be migrating through Portland International Airport, you may have come across this tank of jellyfish gently drifting in the currents.

The tank is inhabited by seven different species of jellies, which range from two to six inches in diameter.

Sayuri’s World

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And even if a jet-lagged traveler threw caution to the wind and jumped into the tank with the jellies, she’d be safe from stings and other jelly dangers. Atlantic Cities explains:

The underwater scene is the handiwork of Sayuri Sasaki Hemann, an ex-Portland resident now in Iowa City who’s fascinated with natural phenomenon (she spends her days “visiting sheep farms” and “counting bunnies“). Hemann’s been fashioning gelatinous zooplankton out of fabric netting since 2009, becoming so invested in her project that each “species” of jelly has developed its own peculiar personality. Flidais Desta is a colorless bottomfeeder that survives off Portland’s steady drizzle, for instance, while Ukko Calandrae feed on “anxiety and worries, and produce happiness and smiles in return.”

The name of the exhibit is Underwater Flight, and it’ll be on until Jan. 15, 2013.

Portland International Airport

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There are more pictures here and more information about the species in the tank here.