There are a gazillion things I missed over vacation, or meant to post about before vacation, that I’ll never have time to return to. Thus: a link post!

I missed the MoveOn town hall on climate and energy. You can watch the candidate presentations here. Bill Scher has a pretty good rundown of who said what, here. Our guide to the candidates on these issues is here. FYI, MoveOn members voted John Edwards the winner.

I doubt I’ll have a chance to read Chris Mooney’s new book Storm World any time soon (and — sssshhh — I must confess that I don’t find hurricanes all that fascinating), so I commend you instead to this highly favorable review from RealClimate, and this one in the L.A. Times. Looks like Chris hit another home run.

Barack Obama needs a big idea to shake off the impression of policy timidity. Dan Carol proposes a massive — $400-$500 billion — investment in a full green retrofitting of the country. Me likey.

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A new report from the Network for New Energy Choices: "The Rush to Ethanol." It’s about, um, the rush to ethanol, and it will be out Wed.

Steven Weber sure has a way with a turn of phrase:

Maybe Al knows that America (to paraphrase Paddy Chayevsky) is a dying giant, that perhaps she is dead already. And the “business of government” is merely the scramble of organisms over the carcass’s wan, flaking skin; any rumbles from within aren’t the sounds of legislators engaged in constructive debate but the gasses issuing from the anuses of the bacteria digesting the sad corpse’s putrefying innards. Are we destined to have the presidency so finally and utterly mediocritized that it no longer holds any attraction for the most qualified person in recent memory who would imbue it with the honor and prestige it — and we — deserve?

Is the country on the verge of major changes, energy and climate wise? CNN readers weigh in.

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Guess who said this: "If we want to address climate concerns, we need to invest more heavily in coal — not less." How about this: "We cannot reduce foreign oil dependence without increased coal use." If you guessed a coal executive, give yourself a gold star. Also, Robert Murray can kiss my ass. Again.

Ford is testing out plug-in hybrids. Which car company will be first to market, do you think?

Via Brad Plumer, check out this Mike Davis piece about the crash conservation program this country undertook during WWII. Turns out Americans can use less energy, quite ingeniously, with the right leadership. Oh, right, that.

This interview with Whole Foods CEO John Mackey is extraordinarily interesting.

Ten predictions about climate change that have come true. Only 10?

This good piece on smart metering sent me to this good piece on smart metering.

This is the greatest campaign ad I’ve ever seen: