I’m all about the three R’s that have been the standby of every Earth Day since 1970: reduce, reuse, recycle. Got it. Even so, this Earth Day, I’m beseeching the world to do the unthinkable: stop recycling … those annoying green clichés, that is.

I think it’s gee-golly-swell that environmental issues have started gaining such mainstream momentum recently, but if I read, see, or hear another overly trite use of “It is/is not easy being green!” or “An Inconvenient X,” I think I’ll start puking mini green recycling symbols. And enough already with the “Make every day Earth Day!” e-cards that come out every year.

This Earth Day, let’s send a message that will make a real difference in the fight against climate change: Petition for fresh green tag lines that will make us feel sexy and sustainable.

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Recycle Cliches

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Get a life, green marketers and headline-makers. We’ve already heard that one.

Which green clichés do you think have been reused more than an aging hippie’s Nalgene? List your anti-favorites below, along with with any creative climate credos you think should take their place.