While at the Republican National Convention, I caught up with some of the delegates and others milling around downtown St. Paul to talk about John McCain’s climate and energy policies. Most supporters were enthusiastic about his support for expanded oil drilling (especially the Texas oilmen I ran into), but they think he’s been deluded by the wacky environmentalists when it comes to his climate-change plan. Here are some of the best interviews.

First up, Texas delegates Keith Rothra, on the right, of Longview, Texas, and Ron Slover, left, of Amarillo, Texas. Rothra is the Republican Party chair of Gregg County, and Slover tells me he’s T. Boone Pickens’ biggest enemy.


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Gerry Widegren, of Long Beach, Miss., was standing outside the convention hawking these “Drill Now Windup Keys” to passersby. We talked a bit about the windup keys, which you stick on the back of your car, and McCain’s energy policies:

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Brian Smith, 28, a member of Young Republicans and a consultant who works with the Department of Defense to make military installations more energy efficient, seems pretty excited though about McCain’s plans:


C.C. Moore, of Brooklyn Center, Minn., was a Hillary Clinton voter in the primary and is now planning to vote for John McCain:

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