1. Enthusiasm officially curbed

    We knew global warming was a partisan issue. But tearing a marriage apart? Now that’s an inconvenient truth.

    Photo: Alex Berliner

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  2. Kilimanjaro softly

    Mount Kilimanjaro, the Everglades, the Great Barrier Reef, and other treasured vacay spots are being threatened by over-tourism. Quick, go forth and spew massive amounts of CO2 to see them before they are destroyed by massive amounts of CO2!

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    Photo: iStockphoto

  3. Gamblin’, man

    High-rollin’ hunks + hotel heists + BMW Hydrogen 7 = hottness.

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    Photo: Vince Bucci / Getty Images for BMW

  4. Back to the future

    You heard it here, uh, second: fighting climate change is more important than putting a human on the moon. But mitigation shmitigation — why not just try the lunar thing again? We’ve already got green moon homes, and the perfect inhabitant.

    Photo: Cal-Earth

  5. Postzegels met bloemenzaad

    A whole new reason to go Dutch: these bloomin’ stamps, the newest fun way — after TP and sandals — to seed the world.

    Photo: TNT Post