1. SOL catz

    Oh hai. Did you noes global warming hates teh kittehs?

  2. Doll of the wild

    When the late Croc Hunter’s daughter took on his cause, it was cute. When she developed her own clothing line, it was less cute. But a Bindi Irwin doll that says “Crikey! Let’s go help wildlife”? We can only hope her 15 minutes are nearing extinction.

  3. Here comes the Capri Sun

    The fertile minds at TerraCycle are partnering with Kraft to turn junk-food wrappers into fashion-forward bags, umbrellas, and shower curtains. Next up: Worm-poop Uggs? You know we’d wear ’em, Tom.

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    Photo: Terracycle

  4. Running out of time

    Attention sneak freaks: Puma has teamed up with a renowned wildlife photog to create a collection of shoes representing endangered species. Be quick to get a pair, though, because they’re disappearing fast.

    Photo: atmos

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  5. Haven’t you turd?

    We’ll take this crap: a portable cardboard poop-box, complete with degradable doo bags and cute li’l turd pic. And if we’re getting paid to pee, all the wetter.

    Photo: The Brown Corp.