1. Tail lickin’ good

    Give squirrel a whirl: it’s all natural, free-range, and as local as it gets. Apparently, “Southern fried squirrel is good. And tandoori style works. It is especially tasty fricasséed with Cornish cream and walnuts.” Now that’s just nuts.

  2. Where the sun don’t shine

    Not ’til we met the solar-powered bra and the dress that wrinkles on bad-air days did we think of tie-dye and Birks as the good ol’ days.

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    Photo: Will Meeker

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  3. Just for the helmet

    This Bike to Work Day, trade in your ass-bad bike shorts for a bad-ass bike.

  4. So young, and jaded already

    You know the movement’s catching on when puppies go green!

  5. Here’s a cow tip

    Enter a slogan, win a whole cow! But whatcha gonna do with all that rump, that rump, that lovely grass-fed rump roast?

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