1. Hangover helper

    Yet another reason to down organic booze. As if we needed one.

  2. Swingers

    In a perfect world, there’d be no energy crisis because everyone would bike and bus. But it sure ain’t a perfect world, so we’ll settle for bike rack art and bus stops with swings.

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  3. Finnish line

    We’re all about encouraging litter-picker-uppers, but is it strange that these trash bins are more polite than most people we know?

  4. Twiggin’ out

    Scientists have proposed genetically engineering trees to self-ferment themselves into usable fuel. Hopefully, they’ll soon turn their attention to sandwiches that self-assemble themselves into usable lunch.

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  5. What the helmet?

    Winner of this week’s Wack Job award: “Regardless of the obvious dangers, some people will ride bikes in San Francisco for the same reason Islamic fanatics will engage in suicide bombings — because they are politically motivated to do so.”