1. Who doesn’t appreciate a good asset?

    G-Money is trying to get ScarJo on board for Live Earth. And why not? She’s got great assets — which is, alas, more than can be said for the rockers in Antarctica. We heart geeks and all, but they ain’t no Kelly.

    Photo: John Sciulli/ WireImage.com

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  2. Cue violin music

    Heads up, Minnesotans: Twin Cities cops no likey the bikey. A concert violinist was tasered by the police for riding his bicycle out of the airport, and awaits trial on six charges. Dude, you coulda saved yourself so much trouble by moonwalking.

    Photo: moonwalkforearth.com

  3. Pow! Bam! Kaboom!

    A rediscovered comic book touts the joys of nuclear power. Says the anti-nuke crowd: what about the impressionable children? Say the world’s children: what’s a book?

  4. Vatican-do

    We like the bit about cars not being an expression of power and domination, but the Vatican’s new 10 commandments for driving left one thing out: Thou shalt not ride in a silly hat.

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    Photo: Superman682 via flickr

  5. But McConaughot still made the cover

    A big, sloppy kiss to Grist fan Ted, a WWF activist who made People‘s list of sexy greens. And a demure, closed-mouth kiss to People for realizing such a thing exists. Have ya seen the rest of those Grist readers? Swoon!

    Photo courtesy Ted Miller