1. Step off, beach

    Vacation then: waves, resorts, and stolen kisses. Vacation now: crime waves, last resorts, and stolen sand. Thanks, climate change!

  2. My bottle is a temple

    One million bottles of beer in the temple, one million bottles of beer …

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    Courtesy Siambaan.com

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  3. Whatever floats your boot

    Look, a schwimmhausboot! Sure, it has zero emissions, a salvaged-wood exterior, and a green roof — but really, we just wanted to say “schwimmhausboot. “

  4. Blade runner

    The grass is always greener … when it’s powering your PC.

  5. Fang you very much

    Happy Halloween! Send a Grist e-card to your best ghoul, dress for spook-cess, and don’t forget: vampires suck.

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