So the fall season has begun and, as expected, shows from Boston Legal to Moonlight are going green — even William Shatner got into the act. I’d be very interested in hearing from readers if any of their favorite shows had a green element.

heroes_big.jpgIn the opening voiceover of the second season opener, genetics professor Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) says that humanity’s problems, including global warming, are "insurmountable" without our Heroes. Shades of The 4400.

I’m glad the writers mentioned global warming. But the way they did leaves the impression that we can’t solve the problem without superhuman abilities. And people can’t fly or teleport or heal themselves from any injury — can they?

The season opener of Boston Legal had James Spader giving a big speech about "big oil" and global warming’s "biggest emitters" in a case he was trying — while sleeping with opposing counsel (if having sex in an elevator counts as "sleeping"). And even Shatner uttered the phrase, "You got to fight global warming" (which I actually thought was out of character for the conservative that he plays, Denny Crane).

I happened to catch Moonlight — a very poor man’s vampire’s Angel — and it appeared as if the heroine drives a Prius.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing how 24 delivers on its promise to introduce green themes — perhaps our dependence on Mideast oil wil play a role.

And no, I don’t normally watch all those shows, but I was stuck in a hotel room.

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